About Dawn

Dawn Kotzer

Hi. I'm Dawn Kotzer.

We are born a beacon of inner shine, willing and able to let imagination, curiosity and courage lead the way.

When we show up in the world in ways that are deeply meaningful for us, the intersection of mindset, ambition and creative vibe can feel very chaotic and at odds with real life.

It’s easy to fear there is no way to successfully merge all three.

But I know it can be done and is wholeheartedly worth the effort.

I have a rock solid belief that it’s never too late to reclaim our sense of imagination, curiosity & courage.

Don’t let fear dull your ShiNE.

– Dawn Kotzer

About me

I live on a lake in the Canadian Boreal Forest. I love where I live. A big fan of functional physics (aka how Mother Earth gets her groove on). I draw on the wisdom of nature, the Law of Resonance and other Universal Laws for guidance, entertainment and insight.

While I am intuitive, I don’t hunt intuition down or wear it on my sleeve. I prefer to make room for it to pop up unexpectedly. That way we can all be delighted by its presence. I like to keep my hands and mind busy, my creative soul satisfied and my studio at the ready. I’d love to dance more.

I’m a melancholy optimist and a recovered perfectionist

People say that one must always keep a positive attitude. I tried that. It didn’t work for me. There was no space to acknowledge life crud, sit with sad times or make room for vulnerability.

Over time I’ve honed my own balance beam of life which syncs my reality of being wholehearted, mortal and ingenious.


What can I say? Being a perfectionist fed my inner Self-saboteur and led me down some dark and lonely paths. I am so over it. I wrote an eBook about it. You’ll find it in Free Stuff.

How did I get here?

In reality, my education started with the journey I never wanted to take and yet, it was the journey I most needed.

I’ve had stellar highs, bleak lows, made brilliant decisions and landed in some perfect disasters.

Along the way I discovered that

Patience is an act of audacity.
Vulnerability and courage walk side by side.

…and Clarity? As in the dictionary,

Clarity comes after action.

Some actions took me down. Others lifted me up. The ones that sucked the most offered the most growth. I learned how to dig in, dive deep, face my hard truths and keep going while still leaving room for laughter and curiosity.

What am I like?

I think I might be a lot like you. Tender, strong, creative, smart, empathetic, a bubble off centre—in a good way, funny, curious and ready to make a meaningful difference in the world. Sound familiar?

I’ve learned, through time, effort and practice, how to successfully navigate business and personal landscapes and can show up for and as my Self.

Are you ready to step into your “be real – find freedom” groove?
My wholehearted approach helps you move forward with more ease, curiosity and fun as you bring your aligned ambitions to life.

Let me know what you want to achieve. I’m here to help.

…not sure about what I mean by Shine?  Find out here.



Truly Listens and reduces pressure
Dawn is a kind, positive, and intuitive coach who truly listens to what a client is saying and phrases her coaching feedback in language that makes will make sense to the client. She is wonderful at reducing pressure and getting a client more in touch with themselves and next steps; to help them find their inner stillness and what their higher self and inner voice trying to tell them. —DB- Entrepreneur NC, USA

I thought I’d tried everything
I felt safe and understood. I didn’t even need to give her much information for her to grasp the place I was in my life with myself at the moment. With she was also able to address the immediate needs I had, by giving me tools, a practice, a method, a way, a guide, direction. I can’t tell you the progress I have felt and made working with her.
–N.G, Education Professional CA, USA

I feel better packed for the ‘journey’ ahead
Dawn provided a simple, creative, supported means of accessing authentic self. It has allowed me to grow up from the child so I can enjoy the adult elements of my life without losing the values and dreams from my childhood. The constant acceptance and lack of pressure to perform allowed the smaller voices to be heard. Honesty could come through. I was also able to see all my resources that I could use for my own resilience. In short, I feel better prepared and packed for the journey ahead.
—Dawn R, Health Professional, UK

I needed a nudge… you provided it.
I liked your style. A lot of times, I just need to talk…and you listened. There are times when I needed a ‘nudge’…you provided it. You offered ideas and thoughts to reflect on for me to explore, which I think makes the biggest differences. I wasn’t being ‘sold’ on a plan or on your philosophy. You coached and it felt therapeutic for me but in no way did I feel I was in therapy!
—Rick R., Healthcare Professional, BC, Canada

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