About Shine

SHINE!where does it come from?

Soul Curiosity - Mind Body - Ambition Action - IWG - Dawn Kotzer

We are born a beacon of innershine, willing and able to let imagination, curiosity and courage lead the way. Children instinctively honour their SHiNE. It bubbles up with wonder and a life energy that colours the world. It is transformative.

As we grow up we are tumbled, rolled, and polished by personal experiences. Stress, disappointment and trauma take their toll. Fear attaches in places where freedom used to play—we stall, tune out and shut down. Over time we lose connection with our inner genius, keeper of the SHiNE.

No two human beings have the same shine. Each one of us carries a unique sense of illumination, aka wholehearted creative soul.  I have rock-solid belief that it’s never too late to reclaim our sense of imagination, curiosity and courage. Don’t let fear dull your ShiNE.

Explore how I can help you find your SHiNE.

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