encouraging cheerleader with a show of hands

Encouragement. Who cheers you on?

Who cheers you on? Where do you find encouragement? Let me ask you this… Do you work to play or does your work feel like play? Who lifts you up when you need encouragement? I’m a member of Tara Gentile‘s membership site, CoCommercial. The discussion of unconstructive cheerleading vs constructive encouragement came up. Ever the outlier, I saw a possible 3rd option, mindful cheerleading. Intrigued by my idea, Tara asked me to write about it and share with her community. My post, a short [...]

Colourful teapots on a shelf

Unexpected Results or a Steaming Teapot of Belief?

  Thought-full teapot Did we get unexpected results or a steaming teapot of belief? Thought to action to result. Seems simple enough, right? How is it then that the result we hope for is often NOT the result we get? While thoughts activate the end result, what activates thought? Steeping, brewing, sitting beneath it all is a belief waiting to be expressed. Change our inner thoughts, change our inner world. Change our perception, change our reality. There’s real truth in that. However, when we want to make lasting change [...]


Happy Ground and Glory Day

Not all of us were ready to plan 2016 on January 1. I know I wasn’t…and that’s OK. Sometimes it takes a little while to ground ourselves; to hear our voice within, to find our groove. I took some time to ponder how I’d like 2016 to look, to feel for me, finally landing on this simple Ground and Glory Tree playsheet. This little graphic worked for me, giving me a chance to lean in and listen to my essential self, [...]

Pebble found on wilderness path

the inner Wilderness – a path revealed

Ever felt lost in a forest of fear, bogged down in the inner wilderness by a tangled web of doubt, comparison and perfectionism? It feels easy to give up. To flounder. To stop. To blame others for our lack of direction. I get it. When there’s no path revealed, vulnerability overwhelms us, self-discouragement drains our courage. Life messes with our soul. Our voice is paralyzed. We stumble, lose our bearings and succumb to self-doubt. I know this feeling. It goes deeper than hurt, [...]

perfection fail sketch

perfection quest fail

a perfect fail yes, it’s true, I am a perfection quest fail. Even though I’m OK with that, I still sometimes pressure myself to have it all figured out. The perfection quest is still ON. The expectation to have the perfect job, career, home, kid, dog, cat… ok, cats are exempt…a cat is a cat is a cat. ^..^ the perfect life with the photos to prove it. Facebook, Instagram, Social Media can’t be wrong, can they? I’ve grown weary of the PerFecTion Quest. Anyone else weary [...]


6 Ways to set Resistance Free

  Release resistance. invite PLaY M.a.D. Explorer Tips and Tools- 6 Ways to set Resistance Free: You know the feeling, right?We have stuff we Must do, Should do, Have to do…yet it feels impossible to start. We stall out, trapped in a doom chamber of resistance. Resistance can bring out the fight, flight, freeze or faint in us.  What if releasing ourselves from resistance brought out our inner explorer or the curious child in us instead? I’ve used all 6 of these tools…which ones [...]


5 must haves in the Mad Explorers backpack

Explore your field of view So what is in the Mad Explorers backpack? What must haves does she thinks she needs? How does she choose? Does she take the same things each time she steps out the door? The truth is she doesn’t know exactly what she’ll need each time but she knows what has been most useful to her in the past. This explorer knows which tool, which item, object, and instincts help keep her mindful of her next small [...]


Thought Loops. Stories & distractions

Frozen or Thawing Thought loops… stories or distractions? Some wonder what’s the difference. Thought loops run round and round our mind, endlessly spinning their tales. 60,000 thoughts a day, yet few new to-serve-us-best thoughts survive the initiation process. Curated by the forgetfulness of time, we’ve let most our stories linger. Some of them grow quiet. Some of them let loose. It’s the loose ones you have to watch out for. They can be trigger happy, unpredictable, sneaky little buggers. Their aim? Distract us from the [...]


Stuck, stalled, stagnant?

old, weathered and worn out? or do you feel stuck, stalled or even worse, stagnant? I know that feeling…it sucks. If you’re aware of it, that can be a good thing. If you can name it then some part of you is watching from a distance. Some part of you is the spectator…watching from the sidelines. Take a look at the car in the picture… (can’t see it? Select display images. I’ll wait) What’s your hunch? Is it Stuck? Stalled? Stagnant? Maybe all three. What if this [...]