Inner Wild

Inner Wild. Where false fears loosen up and your inner genius (aka SHiNE) plays. Make friends with fear and create room for wholehearted courage… you know, where vulnerability is also one of the strengths highly valued in our inner wilderness.
When we let fears take over the landscape of imagination, the inner wild can feel dark and foreboding. And that’s a shame. Our Inner Wild- our inner wilderness is the place where our imagination runs free and soul is most at home. Unshackled by worry and awfulizing, we discover how much we like our one of a kind self.
How do we do this? Acknowledge the presence of releasing unrealistic expectations; Practice awareness of where and how fear shows up in our daily life; Claim permission to ground ourselves in a fuller sense of our reality; Celebrate all we are and all we no longer have to pretend to be.
Vulnerability is necessary to build courage. When we live too much in fear, we stifle vulnerability and therefore cut our self off from our SHiNE, personal strengths and innate wisdom.

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