Coaching with Dawn

Is it time to show up as and for  yourself?

Dawn Kotzer - Wild Arts intersection of mindset, ambition, creative soul ven diagram

Are you

  • the resilient human who needs to recharge
  • the entrepreneur who has a lot more than business going on
  • the creative called to make their life a bigger canvas
  • the business person who knows profit means nothing if your spirit is drained
  • the achiever who’s forgotten how to play
  • the dreamer who’s lost sight of the landscape of possibility
  • the perfectionist who fears rejection or feels they can never be enough
  • the inspired one hounded by comparisonitis

I have a rock solid belief in your SHiNE

I create customised experiential moments in a space that has an Anam Cara, soul friend vibe.

Together we dig in and dive as deep you like, leaving lots of room for curiosity, creativity and laughter.

Your confidence and courage grows.

Fear of disappointment eases.

Fear of fear itself lightens.

You step into a much larger landscape of possibility as your inspired sense of true self takes hold.

I work 1:1 with clients on any one of three areas (see below) or in the intersection where they all come together in this experience called life…


Click one of the themes below to explore my unique Mindset—Ambition—Creative Soul coaching.

Dawn Kotzer, Inner Wilderness Guide

Don’t let fear dull your shine.

Martha Beck“Dawn Kotzer is the kind of coach who can see beauty and wisdom in circumstances that seem ugly and chaotic. She’s kind, genuine and honest, willing and able to see where her clients get stuck and gently help them recover their freedom. Better than a coach who gives you the answers, Dawn will help you find the answers to your life’s dilemmas that are already within you.”
–Martha Beck, PhD, Author, Columnist for O:The Oprah Magazine; Life Coach to Oprah Winfrey, USA

Pam Slim“I partnered with Dawn to coach participants in one of my popular online programs, called Indispensable. She was the absolute perfect fit for creatively spirited people who did not want a hard-charging, “just do it” coach. Everyone who worked with Dawn gushed about her gentle communication style, wise insight and fun and creative process. I highly recommend working with Dawn, and will hire her in the future for new programs!” –Pamela Slim, author and business coach, USA

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