The IWG Experience

when we let go of who we think we should be
we become more of who we are


Soul Curiosity - Mind Body - Ambition Action - IWG - Dawn Kotzer

Stepping onto a path bathed in moonlight; watching a river sparkle under a full moon—
reconnect with that feeling through the Inner Wilderness Guide Experience.

Fear fades as you delight in the presence, peace and power of forgotten strengths, dreams and accomplishments.

A genuine sense of renewal takes hold as obstacles of everyday life fall away to illuminate our be real—find freedom self.

Welcome to the IWG Experience

A curiosity-infused adventure where insight meets action, I use a customized creative, free-range approach to make it easier and more fun, for you to be on your side, to show up for and as yourself.

perfection not required

I have a rock solid belief in your SHiNE

My hunch is you’re a busy, creative person overflowing with interests, ideas and ambitions you want to bring to life. You have a lot of empathy and give more than you take. You want to be seen, heard and able to authentically express yourself.
Sound familiar?

To be seen and heard starts with us.

Learning how to acknowledge ourselves without inner bully pushback, unkindness or harsh judgement takes time and practice. We have to unlearn beliefs that hold us trapped in old stories.

Life crud happens. We can get stuck in the messy middle of it all.

Setting ourselves free isn’t easy but it’s easier than we think.

You see, the messy middle exists for good reason. Where else do we stash the bits and pieces of all the human-ing we do? The creating, struggling, learning, dreaming, yearning—the unlearning, letting go and the awkward growing pains?

Think of this as treasure mess, not treasure-less.

Reframe the messy middle from a NO, BUT to a Yes AND place where we get to wrangle, untangle and tease out soul threads pulls us back to ourselves.

We get to acknowledge fear and frustrations AND take aligned action that shifts us into gear.

Transitions are less jarring. Change becomes less scary. You get to move from where you are to where you  want to be in a most soul-satisfying way.

Dawn Kotzer, Inner Wilderness Guide

How does the IWG Experience help make this happen?

Enter Curiosity, sidekick to imagination.

  • curiosity inspires awareness
  • awareness makes room for insight
  • insight blows away cobwebs of confusion
  • we open to inner peace
  • inner peace informs focus
  • focus fosters aligned actionAnd aligned action, my friend, is a
    fear buster extraordinaire.

Whether you’re dealing with a creative project, life event, turning point, or business venture, the IWG Experience starts from where you are, aims for where you want to be and develops steps and actions to get your there.

We don’t follow a curriculum or rigid agenda. You talk, I listen.
If a detour is needed, no problem. We zig, we zag and spiral Upward, following the markers that pull your soul toward wholehearted success.

Knowing you feel seen, heard, and supported to express yourself in a way that YOU value is important.

With a light, fluid structure this superbly customized IWG experience helps you soften life’s harsh edges, anchor the good, release the toxic, amplify your shine and fuel your creative soul groove.

Did I mention we leave a lot of room for laughter too?

If you’re ready to be seen, heard and acknowledged or have questions about how what I offer, drop me a line here.
Find coaching package details on my Fees Page.

your inner wilderness guide
Dawn Kotzer
master creativity coach | certified Martha Beck wayfinder and lifecoach

PS:  If you’re looking for a kick-butt, accountability coach to push you into taking action, that’s not my style.

You can explore each aspect one at a time or creatively merge them together.

Martha Beck“Dawn Kotzer is the kind of coach who can see beauty and wisdom in circumstances that seem ugly and chaotic. She’s kind, genuine and honest, willing and able to see where her clients get stuck and gently help them recover their freedom. Better than a coach who gives you the answers, Dawn will help you find the answers to your life’s dilemmas that are already within you.”
–Martha Beck, PhD, Author, Columnist for O:The Oprah Magazine; Life Coach to Oprah Winfrey, USA

Pam Slim“I partnered with Dawn to coach participants in one of my popular online programs, called Indispensable. She was the absolute perfect fit for creatively spirited people who did not want a hard-charging, “just do it” coach. Everyone who worked with Dawn gushed about her gentle communication style, wise insight and fun and creative process. I highly recommend working with Dawn, and will hire her in the future for new programs!” –Pamela Slim, author and business coach, USA

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