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Recover freedom

“Dawn Kotzer is the kind of coach who can see beauty and wisdom in circumstances that seem ugly and chaotic. She’s kind, genuine and honest, willing and able to see where her clients get stuck and gently help them recover their freedom. Better than a coach who gives you the answers, Dawn will help you find the answers to your life’s dilemmas that are already within you. ”
   – Martha Beck, PhD, Author, Columnist for O:The Oprah Magazine ; Life Coach to Oprah Winfrey, USA

The absolute perfect fit

“I partnered with Dawn to coach participants in one of my popular online programs, called Indispensable. She was the absolute perfect fit for creatively spirited people who did not want a hard-charging, “just do it” coach. Everyone who worked with Dawn gushed about her gentle communication style, wise insight and fun and creative process. I highly recommend working with Dawn, and will hire her in the future for new programs!”
Pamela Slim, author and business coach, USA

She did not disappoint!

Earlier this year, when I was struggling to come to terms with a big, creative project I was feeling both called to develop and wanting to resist, I knew Dawn was the right person to help me sort through what I was experiencing. She did not disappoint! Dawn carefully honored what I was feeling and thinking, and gently prodded me to move toward the highest and best result for me.
Pamela Wilson, Founder, BIG Brand System

Brilliant coaching – Laser focus

“This is what comes to mind when working with Dawn.

  • Uncanny abilities
  • Colorful
  • Refreshing
  • Unexpected perspective
  • Kaleidoscope
  • Laser focus in cutting through the mental clutter and story

   – Kari D., AB Canada


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Widened the Landscape of my Life
You have an uncanny awareness of thoughts and moods. Like you are sitting here and we are chatting. The visual journeys, ‘picture yourself’ were fabulous…like I was really there, present, but at the same time in a distant place.
Sessions were never an effort; not that they weren’t hard work’ but the rewards of insight were more than worth it.
You showed me a much wider landscape for my life, a landscape so encompassing that by comparison, my previous perception was like living in a box.”
 —Jeff, Canada

Changed my Life
Dawn coached me to start looking at my life, laying it all out to view from a broader perspective. It changed my life.
I now make decisions based on my true self rather than the expectations of others.”
 —Amber Chalus, The Liberated Woman podcast, Writer, Coach and World Traveler

Ingenius Insight
In this business called life, Dawn helps you see where and why you are stuck.
She enables you to transform your troubles into opportunities. No more scary situations just beautiful possibilities. Through her compassion, humor and ingenious insight she will take you on a journey where you get to meet the real you and live your true life.
 – Anna H , Amsterdam

Masterful Coaching
Working with Dawn is like being masterfully escorted out of a house of mirrors, you know, the kind that distorts the way you see yourself. Her coaching helped me see beyond the odd reflections and through to my more vital and authentic self.
 –David S., Brooklyn, NY USA

Engaging and Playful
Working with Dawn is nothing like sitting down with a therapist, working through a system. It is more like a visit to Wonderland—stopping to explore out one curiosity or another, taking a moment to ask a question and call for thoughtful response.

Dawn gets right to the burning heart of the matter, but does so by engaging you with her playful manner.

I can’t thank Dawn enough for helping me see who I am and what my life is truly all about.

I would recommend Dawn to anyone.”
 – J T, Canadian Master Craftsman/Artisan

What’s just beyond my self-imposed borders
You have a gentle way of pointing out what’s just beyond myself imposed blinders.

Your light-hearted approach makes the next step less intimidating, more inviting, and even fun! Your way of making imperfections a beautiful part of the journey instead of something to despised or avoided provides such a welcome space to experiment and move into the unknown. You help me see more in me than I see in myself.

Extraordinarily Gifted Listener
Dawn is an extraordinarily gifted listener, able to hear between the lines. Candid, in a way that helps me go deep inside, she’s able to guide me to a clean place, free of judgment, where I can be more truthful, honest and less afraid.
Dawn is able to ask the hard questions that make me think. I get beyond the surface thoughts that keep me stuck as she creates a safe place to land.

Since working with Dawn, I feel my life is moving forward.

This is one of the best investments I’ve ever made.”
 –Kim, Canada 

Found peace with an issue that had plagued me for a long while.
I had a deep dive coaching session with Dawn which helped me find peace with an issue that had plagued me for a long while. Her ‘deep listening’ heard the things I’d been trying to tell myself all along. She came up with some vivid and powerful metaphors that helped cement a new way of viewing myself in relation to the world.

Dawn’s coaching style is both subtle and powerful. At first, it feels like nothing much is happening because you don’t get the ‘yes/no’ answer you think you seek.

Instead, you’ll find you come away with a whole new outlook on life. It’s like having your brain stealthily rewired while you’re not looking!

Thank you, Dawn, for working your own unique brand of magic with me!
 –Rachel Mathews, Successful Garden Designhttps://www.successfulgardendesign.com/ )

Valuable Insight. Action items. More Confidence
The best thing about working with Dawn is that I feel comfortable and almost encouraged to talk about my whole self. She knows that separating our entrepreneur selves from our personal lives is not easily done which allows me to talk about anything that may be impacting my progress, even if it not directly business related. We usually don’t have an agenda when we meet, but each time I come away with valuable insight, action items, and feeling more confident. That happens each time we speak.
   –D.W.C., Translate your Skills, USA

Soar to the greatest heights of my Vision
Dawn Kotzer is a terrific coach. I didn’t know it going in, but something told me that it was the right choice for me to work with her when I was starting my book coaching business. I had never had a business before, never mind stepped forward as a coach and creative person myself. I found out quickly enough. I could have had a coach who talked to me about dollars and breaking even points and marketing copy (all of which Dawn did, in heady, creative ways), but there is no way that the traditional ways would have worked for me the way working with Dawn has.

I quit my academic job and stepped into my creativity and my coaching practice because I wanted to live fully in my own self. Turns out one reason I hadn’t done that before was that I wasn’t quite sure how.

Dawn took me by the metaphorical hand and led me gently yet powerfully into this magic place: to be living my business–not just having a business. I dreamed of having the sort of work that didn’t feel like work, that felt like freedom and love and open, stupendously helpful power.

I honestly believe that Dawn is uniquely the coach to help me both soar to the greatest heights of my vision and to swoop through the down to earth details that underpin a thriving business, all the while aiming for my true home, where I authentically live.
   –Ginger Moran, Writer/Book, Life & Creativity Coach, 

Quickly get to the root of the problem
Dawn has an amazing ability to get to the root of the problem quickly by asking the right questions, providing valuable insights and giving great feedback. I enjoyed working with Dawn and highly recommend her as a creativity/life coach.
 –Lisa W. Women’s Business Coach, USA

Breath of Fresh Air
Dawn is a breath of fresh air. Her honest and eclectic method of coaching inspired me to change my life for the better.
   –MD, England

Reinforces my confidence and ability to plan for success
Working closely together since 2007, Dawn Kotzer has been my business consultant, coach and mentor since the inception of Nipawin Florist-Twisted Tree enterprise. She provides a supportive, calm yet purpose driven space in the midst of a sometimes chaotic, ever-expanding business landscape.

Dawn listens deeply, asks relevant and specific questions that bring me back to the attainable Now in both business and in life. This consistently enables me to develop, activate and maintain doable strategies that bring clarity to the situation.

Her gentle yet purposeful nature is never too forceful. Rather, her style and insights reinforce my connection to my short and long-term goals, my achievements to date and support a purpose driven life and business foundation. The work Dawn and I do together reinforces my confidence and ability to plan for personal and business success.
  –TC, entrepreneur, Canada

Asks Intuitive Questions

If I were to ask her for help, I would ask her to help me…to figure out a difficult situation. I know she would listen as I worked through the various options available to me. She would ask intuitive questions and give me the time and space to come up with the ideas. She would support me on the journey that I was taking.
 –GL, educator, USA

Did I mention you’re fun and wise and funny and kind?
You’re more than a life coach…or a creativity coach… or a business coach. You are a super hero soul coach who takes a holistic mind-body-spirit-emotion-environment approach in the quest of helping others to find their own balance in business and in life.

I am so grateful for the opportunity to work with you, Dawn!

You continue to help me with real and perceived limitations in my life and my business. I always break through to more creativity, meaning and joy after a coaching call with you.

You’re a fabulous human being. You hear on deep levels and have become a sacred nurturer of my business which, in turn, has helped me to allow more growth in other areas of my diverse life.
One specific thing you did for me was to gently guide me back to myself.

You are a wise, talented and light-hearted guide for me during this transformative time in my life right now.

Thank you for keeping me pointed to where and how I want to grow and glow in this new year.

PS: Did I mention you’re fun and wise and funny and kind? Bonus! You are truly inspiring!

—JL, artist, coach USA

She helped me dig deep but with an engaged lightness
She’s fun, playful, engaging and listens. Her ability to listen carefully, connect with what you’re saying and explain things in an easy to understand way means she is able to help us dig deep with lightness.  It was so helpful because she allowed me to see where I need to make space in my life for what I want.
–Jessica R. – entrepreneur, life coach USA

Identify obstacles & develop strategies to move forward
I thoroughly enjoyed my coaching experience with Dawn. She is extremely good at listening and adept at pulling out meaningful insights that were not obvious to me. As a result of working with her, we were able to identify obstacles to my progress as an entrepreneur and develop strategies to move forward. She also helped me tremendously in communicating my superpower on my LinkedIn profile. I highly recommend Dawn as an extremely effective coach!
– Pamela Orchard, HR Excellence Consultant, BC Canada

How are you NOT a soul coach?
I’m more aligned with my whole self because of your willingness to support me… and my work in this world.
You are a wise, humorous, loving escort back to my own soul!
   – Julie A L , USA

Collaborative relationship
Dawn is a brilliant, intuitive genius. Our collaborative relationship is one of the highlights of my work – she is easy to work with, she comes up with the most fun and original solutions I’ve ever heard of, and her intuitive abilities make my jar drop. I highly recommend her to you if you’re looking for a coach or consultant
   – Jill Badonsky, Founder and Director of Kaizen-Muse Creativity Coaching Certification Training

Fearless when approaching the deep
Grounded in the nature of life. Fearless when approaching the deep. Clarity in seeing possibility. Willingness to stay the course. heart-to-heart connection which helps calm, sooth, normalize existence. And damn good at using prose and poetry to illustrate just about anything. Of course, I have the privilege of knowing you.
   –Beverly S B, Intuitive, USA

I feel better packed for the ‘journey’ ahead
Dawn provided a simple, creative, supported means of accessing authentic self. It has allowed me to grow up from the child so I can enjoy the adult elements of my life without losing the values and dreams from my childhood. The constant acceptance and lack of pressure to perform allowed the smaller voices to be heard. Honesty could come through. I was also able to see all my resources that I could use for my own resilience. In short, I feel better prepared and packed for the journey ahead.
  –Dawn R, Professional, UK

I thought I’d tried everything
I spoke to Dawn. For the first time when I felt beyond desperate and hopeless with my life. And the effort I made to contact her was so spontaneous… I never imagined it to turn out to be so magical.
I was so grateful for her ability to listen and connect, on such a level I can’t explain… Super deep! I felt safe and understood. I didn’t even need to give her much information for her to grasp the place I was in my life with myself at the moment. With this, she was also able to address the immediate needs I had, by giving me tools, a practice, a method, a way, a guide, direction… Immediately! Everything she said was immediately registered and receptive… And I can’t tell u the progress I have felt since that day.

It’s as if she cleared the blur, the smoke, the dark… I had relief, saw light, felt love. And perhaps I needed a sprinkle of it, to be reminded of neutrality, of peace, of life… Then a few tools to be able to gather myself to get out of the muddy waters I had been drowning in for so long.

And, the funny thing is… I thought I had tried everything!!!!

I am so thankful to her. Her kindness, her patience, her understanding, her love, her past her present her future. She is one real woman.
 –Nar G, Educator, Creative USA 

 Truly Listens
Dawn is a kind, positive, and intuitive coach who truly listens to what a client is saying and phrases her coaching feedback in language that makes will make sense to the client.
She is wonderful at reducing pressure and getting a client more in touch with themselves and next steps;
to help them find their inner stillness and what their higher self and inner voice is trying to tell them.
 –DB- NC 

A safe place to visit and explore Self
Dawn is the Giving Tree. She stands quietly in the winds of wisdom, reaching out with intuition, grounded in the roots of awareness, providing a safe place to visit and explore self in a wonderfully supportive way. Her coaching style is very natural, Nature based and heartfelt, which allowed me to show up and be ME. With gratitude … Thank you Dawn! My discoveries will never be forgotten.
   -–Susan S, Artist, Educator, Canada

Relentlessly Compassionate
Dawn is gentle, direct and relentlessly compassionate in helping you clear the lifecrud out of the way so you can be real. She is an excellent coach.

Thank you, Dawn, for your time and your huge, awesome, loving nature.
  – Marsha S., MI, USA

I needed a nudge… you provided it.
I liked your style. A lot of times, I just need to talk…and you listened. There are times when I needed a ‘nudge’…you provided it. You offered ideas and thoughts to reflect on for me to explore, which I think makes the biggest differences. I wasn’t being ‘sold’ on a plan or on your philosophy. You coached and it felt therapeutic for me but in no way did I feel I was in therapy!
– Rick R. BC, Professional, Canada

Helping reconnect with work that matters
Creative minds are often stifled by the demands of running a business. It’s easy to lose touch with the things that inspire us and spur us on to do our best work.
Dawn is terrific at helping her clients re-connect with the work that matters most to them in an insightful, compassionate manner, while making space for delight to enter into the process.
–Stacey C., Writer, Artist Canada

I felt heard
I love her authenticity in facilitating a conversation based on her self and the person she is with, not should in any rule book. I really felt as if I was with a regular human being experiencing all emotions and yet with someone quite extraordinary in use of intuition, openness, going with whatever appeared in the space and honestly after each ‘conversation’ experience I was transported to a different place, that could continue with further explorations.
I really appreciated the sharing of examples and her own journey, challenges in ways that made me feel not as isolated in my explorations.

I just felt that Dawn really understood me, more than I knew myself and she has a capacity to inspire you to believe in yourself even when you doubt yourself.

I am amazed and inspired by the breadth of her experience both in business and coaching.
   –L G, Counsellor, Coach, NZ

Dawn’s process is really fun.
Before I spoke with Dawn, I was feeling hopeless about my business and afraid I would never focus my work into something valuable.

By the end of our call, I had a project idea that fit my mission beautifully and thrilled me all the way to my toes. I also learned a simple trick to help me approach my work without overwhelm.

Dawn’s questions helped me loosen up and tune in to what I needed to make my passion productive. Dawn’s process is really fun, and she has a gift for helping you hear what your inner voice is saying. I highly recommend spending an hour with her when you can’t quite see the way to your goal.
 –Laurie Zottmann at DarkLittleCritter.com

Learned to approach my work without overwhelm
Even the anticipation of having a session with someone you trust sows the seed for change to happen. I’m not alone.
–Jen G.Horticulturist, USA

INCREASE Clarity and Lightness in a single session
It took mere minutes to experience Dawn’s warmth and deep intuition, to relax into our conversation, and be guided to more inspiring places by her insight. My interests and desires naturally unfolded without pushing or effort, leading to increased clarity and lightness in just a single session.  I recommend Dawn to anyone seeking an expert guide to help navigate through the weeds back to a clearer and more joyous path.
 –Laura S, Actress, Facilitator, USA

I got unstuck.
Dawn helped me rethink how I can use my decorating background to do the parts I enjoy and let go of the rest. She also helped me think through an idea I had ages ago, but couldn’t quite figure out how to implement. I have a different perspective on my work and a new path that I’m excited about pursuing. The definition of “dawn” is “Not just the beginning of a day, the noun dawn can refer to any beginning”. In a single, short meeting, Dawn helped me get unstuck and find a new beginning!

–Jackie, Interior Designer, MA, USA



My calls with Dawn give me space and perspective
I always look forward to my calls with Dawn, because they give me a space in which to share my creative struggles. Her wisdom and stories always give me new and proper perspective on my creative journey.
 –KT, Professional, Creative, Los Angeles

and Kim F. Evans—Author, Brand Specialist, USA says:

  1. Decisions that keep me moving forward
    I always look forward to my sessions with Dawn. She provides a space for me to tune in to my inner knowing, and guides me to make decisions about my business that feel amazing and keep me moving forward. Anytime I’m feeling doubtful or stuck, I can send her an email and she replies with just the right questions to help me get back on track.
  1. She tunes in to help you march to your own beat
    I would highly recommend Dawn’s monthly sessions to any creative entrepreneur who is tired of the typical high-pressure style used by most business coaches. Dawn truly understands the heart and soul of creative people, and knows how to help you find your groove. She marches to her own beat, and helps you do the same. She’s deeply caring, and completely tuned in.
  1. I’ve had my best month in a long time
    Prior to working with Dawn, I was in the midst of a huge slump. From both a creative and revenue standpoint, my well had run dry. I had reached the end of my rope with hyped-up coaching programs that left me feeling frazzled and empty-handed. After just FOUR sessions with Dawn, my flow began again, and I just had my best month in a LONG time.
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