Mindset- DELETE

explorer's mindset for clarity & growth

When we feel heard, seen and valued for who we genuinely are we comfortably look to new horizons.

When life creates loops of confusion, fear and self doubt we can lose sight of our landscape of possibility. It’s easy to see more shadow than light and fall back on old, familiar habits. It’s easy to tell ourself that what we want doesn’t matter.

But we know that’s a lie. What we want does matter.

As an Inner Wilderness Guide, I help you find clarity in thought and confidence in action so you can move from where you are to where you truly long to be.

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MINDSET is one of the three focused Inner Wilderness coaching paths. Learn more about AMBITION and CREATIVE SOUL  coaching.

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Your way of making imperfections a beautiful part of the journey instead of something to despised or avoided provides such a welcome space to experiment and move into the unknown.  You help me see more in me than I see in myself.
–MP, Writer, Copywriter & Speaker, USA

Working with Dawn is like being masterfully escorted out of a house of mirrors, you know, the kind that distort the way you see yourself. Her coaching helped me see beyond the odd reflections and through to my more vital and authentic self.
– D S., Speaker, Coach, Equine Therapist, USA

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