Working with Dawn Kotzer

In a space that is safe and confidential, the focus is on YOU—your concerns, dreams, goals, fears, challenges and more.

Gain awareness, clarity, courage and confidence as you remember how to show up for yourself and SHiNE. Choose to work on one or a combination of these three areas:

Dawn Kotzer - Wild Arts intersection of mindset, ambition, creative soul ven diagram Mindset
Ease your fear, activate courage.

Fuel aligned ambition
not blind ambition

 Creative Soul
 Don’t let fear dull your shine.

SPOTLIGHT  –  30ish minutes:
Stuck? Stalled? Stagnant? Need a little mojo-boost? Let’s clear away the lifecrud and relieve some frustration. We’ll find your next step, the one that fits your groove, no matter what direction you’re heading.

Sign up for this single issue session… an easy-peasey way to show up and boost your savvy, sassy self.

•Sound like the boost you need? email me We’ll set up a time and have at it.


DEEP DIVE – A generous 2.5 hour stand alone coach-mentoring session.

Using a light touch, we dig in, dive as deep as you like while still leaving lots of room for curiosity and laughter. Take stock of where you are, what you want, why that matters to you and what you can do to get it.

Let’s make it easy for you to start and keep moving in a way that works with your groove, not against it.

Get unstuck and gain the insight and tools needed to stay unstuck.

• Pre-session prep required. Bonus materials included.
• Follow Up: Notes & personalized email interaction/support

Interested? Let’s set up a time to talk.


  • Create your own bespoke coaching experience.
    Work on personal, business and/or creative dilemmas, dreams and endeavors.
  • You lead the agenda. This is about you, not me.
    I follow your lead and ensure that our time together is resonant, imaginative, fun, relevant, forward moving, memorable, soul satisfying and worth your time, effort and moola.
  • Consistently show up without feeling like you’re sandblasting your soul.
  • Perfection not required. Break free of perfectionism and the shitty should choir that hijacks your thoughts. In our coaching sessions there are no wrong answers, thoughts, questions, responses or reactions. Everything you share is valid.
  • Make it easier to start, to get unstuck and move forward no matter where you are or what you want to do.

What’s included?

  • Connection. One 1:1 session per month
  • Support. Personalized email interaction between each monthly call
  • Generosity. Customized support materials and spontaneous bonus content.
  • Interaction. 3 session commitment. (Each call can be paid monthly.)

Interested? Reach out  to set up a complimentary chat. Monthly Groove sessions may be exactly what you hoped for.

Starting at $175.00

Coaching Client Policy

  1. Coaching packages must be used within 12 months of purchase date, after which time unused sessions expire.
  2. There are proven benefits to phone-only sessions. I prefer to do calls by phone however, virtual face to face sessions via Zoom can be set up when it feels right for both of us.
  3. Paid coaching sessions are non refundable and non transferable.
  4. Life happens. Sometimes plans change unexpectedly. If you must cancel I appreciate 24 hours notice (or as much lead time as you can give me.) I promise we’ll reschedule asap at a time that works for us both.
  5. Yes! please send me questions and comments before our calls.

Confidentiality is a given.

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