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Coaching sessions and packages for creatives, makers and SoulBiz  ‘preneurs.

In this confidential coaching space the focus is on you.
There are no rules, no course outlines, no kickass accountability criteria; there’s not even a prewritten guidebook.
You talk, I listen.

Did I mention we laugh a lot too?

We can work together in a few different ways—
For details click on the headings below.


  • Superbly Customized Coaching Experience.
    Master Coach -Mentoring for personal, business and/or creative areas.
  • This is about YOU. You lead the agenda, not me.
    I follow your lead and ensure that our time together is resonant, imaginative, fun, relevant, forward moving, memorable, soul satisfying and worth your time, effort and moola.
  • Perfection not required. Break free of perfectionism and the shitty should choir that hijacks your thoughts. In our coaching sessions there are no wrong answers, thoughts, questions, responses or reactions. Everything you share is valid.
  • Make it easier to start, to get unstuck and move forward no matter where you are or what you want to do.
  • Relationship based coaching. When you consistently work with someone who gets you, the ability to show up for and as yourself  is strengthened, enriched and validated. It makes it easier to bring what matters to you to life.


  • 1:1 Interaction
    One 1:1 session per month. The time and date of your scheduled call is secured and INKed on my calendar.
  • Connection: Dedicated time with someone in your corner. Generous email support  between sessions with spontaneous bonus content showing up.
  • VIP PKG- Personalized FollowUP:  VIP Package also includes One of a kind creatively personalized follow-up notes.
  • Structure. Working together for a time creates structure, a powerful tool for getting this done and gaining clarity.

Email me  to set up a complimentary chat.
Monthly Groove sessions are a powerful form of validation, insight and encouragement.

BASIC 175.00  |  VIP $295.00 CDN
per 90 min. session
Min. 3 month commitment. (Ask me about payment plan set up.)

Single session
Stuck? Dear creative mortal, stop beating yourself up.

It’s normal. At times we all get stuck, stalled or stagnant. This single session helps shift you into action, break free of frustration or overwhelm. Perfection not required.

  • Sound like the boost you need? email me for details to set up a time for this short, satisfying session.

$90.00  CDN
approx. 30 minutes.



2.5 hour deep dive WorkBee coaching session

This is a take-action session — you get stuff done and gain insight-aka clarity.
Refresh your groove as you move things from To-Do to TaDa! Feel like the rockstar you are.

Soul-centered questions meet insights and action via master coach-mentoring.
Using a light touch, we dig in, dive as deep as you like while still leaving lots of room for curiosity and laughter.

We make it easy for you to start or pick up from where you left off.
Did I mention we jump into action during the call so you can get stuff done?

Need more details or ready to dig in and schedule a session?
**email me here
Let me know how I can help YOU and what you need to find your groove.

Pre-session prep required. Bonus materials included.
Follow Up Notes:  Customized session recap and personalized email interaction/support

** Connecting first by email means we get a better sense of each other. And I can better answer any specific questions you may have.

Are you an entrepreneur who expresses your soul centered business in ingeniously, creative ways? Me too.

At age 25, I bootstrapped my first successful business. Over the years I’ve repeated that process several times, most recently in 2011 with my online coach-mentorship biz.
I help soul centered creatives, makers and ‘preneurs successfully bring aligned ambitions to life.

IWG Soul Biz coaching is an application only group adventure.  Interested in knowing more?  Drop me a line here.

your Inner Wilderness Guide- Dawn Kotzer


  • Coaching packages must be used within 12 months of the purchase date, after which time unused sessions expire.
  • There are proven benefits to phone-only sessions. I prefer phone however, virtual sessions can be set up.
  • Paid coaching sessions are non-refundable.
  • Life happens. Sometimes plans change unexpectedly. If you must cancel give me as much lead time as you can give me- preferably 24 hours.) We’ll reschedule asap.
  • Yes! Please send me questions and comments before our calls.

Confidentiality is a given.

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