How I Help

When life gets shaky, shadowy or you feel out of sync, I hold the flashlight to help you find clarity, courage and solid ground.

Dawn Kotzer — your Inner Wilderness Guide

are you living a life too small for your spirit?

More like a shifting delta than a solitary stream, highly creative people don’t walk a single linear path—to fully experience life we need to explore and expand. We want to feel life in our fingertips.

As a multipotentialite I know this firsthand and am willing to bet you do too.

Multiple skills, natural talents, ideas, interests and options makes charting a course and navigating choices more, not less difficult. And it’s painful—near impossible, for us to be a reflection of someone else’s idea of who we should be.

some journeys are a solo adventure—I get that

But when the journey ahead is tough, confusing, and unfamiliar, a helping hand from someone who makes success  easier to achieve is a lifesaver.

I  know what a difference a trusted guide makes at those times.

I’m here to help.

You are not a cookie cutter.

If you’re looking for a cut and dried system, a program crafted for the masses or a 10 step cookie cutter success checklist …

I don’t use a cookie cutter approach and you’re not cookie dough.


You lead. I listen. I pay attention as we explore your delta in a creative, fun, aligned manner. We bridge gaps and connect dots. We make sense of the space where what you want, what you do and what matters to you intersect.
Now’s the time to dive in with curiosity and watch insight and action happen.

perfection not required

When we find our groove we

  • get more creative
  • become more self aware
  • make choices that energize you
  • take actions that fit your groove
  • find clarity
  • ditch perfectionism
  • release self sabotage
  • gain confidence
  • Get. Stuff. Done
Soul Curiosity - Mind Body - Ambition Action - IWG - Dawn Kotzer

With a light touch, gentle humour, unlimited curiosity and creative soulplay, I’m with you every step of the way.

As a witness, I see you.
As a mentor, I’m in your corner
As a coach, we turn insight into action.
As a guide, I help you find solid ground.

Ready to start? Great.

Tell me what you’d like to achieve. Drop me a line here.
We can set up a complimentary call so you get a sense of what a real coaching session with me is like.


Dawn’s gentle yet purposeful nature is never too forceful.
Rather, her style and insights reinforce my connection to my short and long-term goals, my achievements to date and support a purpose driven life and business foundation. The work Dawn and I do together reinforces my confidence and ability to plan for personal and business success.
–TC, entrepreneur, SK Canada

Working with Dawn is nothing like sitting down with a therapist, working through a system.
It is more like a visit to Wonderland—stopping to explore out one curiosity or another, taking a moment to ask a question and call for thoughtful response.
–JT, Master Craftsman/Artisan BC Canada

How are you NOT a soul coach?
I’m more aligned with my whole self because of your willingness to support me… and my work in this world. You always coach me with: Wise, Humorous, Loving escort back to my own soul!
JAL, artist, USA

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