How I Help

Creatively spirited beings and wholehearted achievers do not walk a single path. We twist and weave different colours, textures and ideas to ingeniously craft a course through life. While this non-linear path best fits our groove, it can bog down our best intentions and muddy our perspective.

Some paths must be a solo journey.
I get that.

I also know what a difference it makes to have a trusted guide help you navigate the tough and tricky, life-crud scary parts of the journey.

As a coach, I’m with you— through the lowlands & on the higher ground.
As a mentor, I help you identify and safely navigate challenges.
As a guide, I help you gain confidence and turn action into accomplishments.
I’m with you to celebrate your discoveries, your milestones, growth and achievements.

Taking that first step—making a decision to commit to what you want to make happen— can be downright scary. Commitment plus action is what’s needed most to keep moving no matter how unclear the path might be.

Together we supercharge your progression toward wholehearted soul-happy success. It’s time to bring your SHiNE to life.

I am here to help.

  • When you find it hard to commit I help you define your what, who and why so you can get going.
  • When ambitious plans go sideways (which they will) I help you regroup and re-align action with aspirations.
  • When your spirit feels depleted I help you restore your soul and courage.
  • When life gets shaky, shadowy and you feel out of sync, (hey, life happens) I hold the flashlight and help you find clarity, confidence and solid ground.

You are not a cookie cutter.

If you want only a project driven accountability coach…I am not for you.

If you want solely to follow an agenda laid out by another…I am not for you.

If you’re looking for a 10 step cookie-cutter template for success crafted for the masses…I am not for you.

You are not a cookie and I don’t use templates.


When we work together I honour your vibe and listen deeply. We bridge gaps & connect dots with a wholehearted, fun yet practical energy… aka- nuts, bolts and a lot of soul. Together we dig in, dive deep and leave lots of room for curiosity, laughter & creativity as you take actions to build momentum that grooves with what matters most to you.

Would you like to

  • explore your creative vibe
  • align your ambitions
  • make choices that fit your groove
  • take actions that energize you
  • find clarity
  • ditch perfectionism & comparisonitis
  • release self-sabotage
  • build confidence
  • Get. Stuff. Done.
Dawn Kotzer- where ambition, mindset and creative soul intersect

No one should be a reflection of someone else’s idea of perfection. You get to show up and SHiNE as your confident one-of-a-kind self.

Is it time to move out of uncertainty and create a be real- find freedom life? Where you can show up as yourself and create meaningful success without sandblasting your soul?

Get in touch and tell me a little about how I could help.


Dawn’s gentle yet purposeful nature is never too forceful.
Rather, her style and insights reinforce my connection to my short and long-term goals, my achievements to date and support a purpose driven life and business foundation. The work Dawn and I do together reinforces my confidence and ability to plan for personal and business success.
–TC, entrepreneur, SK Canada

Working with Dawn is nothing like sitting down with a therapist, working through a system.
It is more like a visit to Wonderland—stopping to explore out one curiosity or another, taking a moment to ask a question and call for thoughtful response.
–JT, Master Craftsman/Artisan BC Canada

How are you NOT a soul coach?
I’m more aligned with my whole self because of your willingness to support me… and my work in this world. You always coach me with: Wise, Humorous, Loving escort back to my own soul!
JAL, artist, USA

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