Forest Bathing - dewdrops- bog and thistledown
Magic wildwood moments for inner wilderness peace- photos by Dawn Kotzer
Wilderness paths of Forest wonder
Forest magic and wild wood goodness- photos by Dawn Kotzer
Forest Bathing autumn treescapes
Golden forest bathing delivers inner wilderness good vibes
Saskatchewan sunsets- purple light - sunbeams - lakeland and prairie by Dawn Kotzer
Light Fantastic - Purple Sunsets and sunbeams - all Photos by Dawn Kotzer

More Photos

Saskatchewan sunsets in a collage of lakefrontphotos
Glowing sunset and golden lights warm the inner and outer wilderness - photos by Dawn Kotzer
Sunshine colour Flora-Mora photos by Dawn Kotzer
yellow Saskatchewan lady slippers - wilderness tansy-marsh marigold with red leaf
Wildwood crocus bluebells and daisies - photos by Dawn Kotzer
Serene Blues - wild wood flowers of Saskatchewan
Sun rising on gulf island morning- photo by Dawn Kotzer
Arbutus tree touched by Gulf Island sunrise
Bluebirds and white pelicans. Wildwood nests and robin eggs - Dawn Kotzer photos
Bluebirds Pelicans and wild wood nests
Photo Collage- Rocks- antlers- Beach finds- Bear Sculptures
Wilderness finds and rock sculpture- Rocks - Antlers and Bear photos by Dawn Kotzer
Grooved and time worn rocks along lake and ocean shorelines
I love rocks. Do you? photos by Dawn Kotzer
Sepia toned photo of weathered trees along wild wood lane
resilient trees bent by wind and weathered by time- sepia photo by Dawn Kotzer
Snow drifts and shadows-Moose antlers and prism in winter wilderness- photos by Dawn Kotzer
Snowdrifts and blue shadows - Collage of wilderness winter photos by Dawn Kotzer
Ice Crystals and Jack Frost photos by Dawn Kotzer
Hoar frost- snow crystals and Ice Beast- photos by Dawn Kotzer
Snow mounds-snow shoes and ice crystals
Inner wilderness good vibes found in a winter wonderland full of light - photos by Dawn Kotzer
Midnite Blue night scenes in winter wilderness- photos by Dawn Kotzer
Deep blue good vibes - wintry night landscape photos by Dawn Kotzer
Collage of deep shadows on wild wood elements
Shadow and shine on beach- forest- lake bridge and feather -Photo collage by Dawn Kotzer
Jack Frost Magic by Dawn Kotzer
Inner Wilderness Reflections- photos by Dawn Kotzer
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